Pre-k/Preschool Math Growing BUNDLE | Year Long Differentiated Math

$21.99 $72.50

12 Sets of Differentiated Pre-K Math Centers and printables to provide center activities and independent activities for the entire year! Due to the high level of differentiation this is a great resource for preschool, pre-k and kindergarten to help you support your variety of learning levels.

Please note: This is a GROWING bundle which means it is not completed yet. You are getting a lower price for purchasing it as it is being created.

If you already own the Differentiated Kindergarten Math Bundle, please note that all of the centers in this pack are different from the Kindergarten Bundle. So you can buy both for different levels of learners and have all new activities.

Save time and money with this amazing bundle! Specially designed so that you will have appropriate resources for the extreme levels of abilities that you have in your class.

All activities are designed to require minimal prep-time so that you can spend more time with your family and less time preparing your math activities.

There are multiple independent and/ semi-independent practice opportunities for each skill.

What is included in the Differentiated Pre-K Math Bundle:

This is a growing bundle and its price will increase as additional packs are added

Currently Included:

Numbers 0-5

Numbers 1-10




Combining Sets



To be added by the end of each month (estimated dates):

Comparing Sets of Numbers (February 2020)

Estimation/Data (February 2020)

Money- Coin Recognition (March 2020)

Subtracting Sets (March 2020

Positional Words (April 2020)



Each pack will include a minimum of 15 math centers that you can use all year long.


All skills will be differentiated to allow you to address the same skills with multiple levels of learners, for example:

Counting with a filled Five-Frame

Counting with a filled Ten-Frame

Counting with a blank ten frame


Counting Cards with pictures for one-to-one correspondence

Counting Cards without pictures for independent counting.


So, no child feels left out while their peers work on a skill and your advanced students can be challenged without extra work for you.



No boring worksheets of math facts! All of the printables will have an interactive aspect that will keep your kids engaged!