Emotion Recognition Pack

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This Emotion Recognition pack is perfect for introducing emotions to your preschool, Pre-k, Kindergarten or early elementary students. With 9 hands-on activities and resources, your kids will learn all about naming their emotions.

Included in the Emotion Recognition Pack:
12 Emotion Posters
1 Emotion Board for individual use
Class set of Emotions BINGO
Emotions Matching Game
2-Piece Emotions Puzzles
4 Roll and Make Mats and 2 Dice Sets
12 Writing Center Cards for Emotion Words
Write/Draw the Room
Emotions Emergent Reader

The following emotions are included in this pack: angry, confused, content, embarrassed, excited, happy, proud, sad, scared, shy, surprised, worried.

Use the 9 activities in this pack as a starting point to discuss emotions. You can put the posters on the walls or use them during center time to talk about times when the kids have felt those emotions.

This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.