Beginning Blends Card Games (Digraphs included)


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2 fun beginning blends card games with digraphs included that you can use in your literacy centers.

Black and white cards included.

Students will match the pictures. You can make the game simple or more difficult by changing the amount of cards that you use.

There are many options for customizing your game. Cards for both upper and lower case are included, as well as, two sets of picture cards.

You can have your students match two pictures with the same beginning sound, picture to blend/digraph or blend/digraph to word. You may find it better to select a few of the letters, rather than trying to use all of them in one game.

Slap It!:
A Slap-Jack styled game (see preview for detailed instructions)
You can use any format of cards for the center pile. It is best to use the format the students struggle with the most for the center pile because it allows them to relate the difficult format with formats that are easier for them to recognize.

I recommend going through the cards with the students prior to playing the game, so that they become familiar with the words used to describe the pictures. As many terms can be used to describe several of the pictures this will help to eliminate any disagreements between players.

You can also introduce the game with only two formats simply by making more copies of the cards you will use for the playing cards. Then add different formats to the playing pile as students become more familiar with the concept being reviewed.

For example: If a “bl” card is flipped over in the CENTER pile, as students play they will try to slap the “bl”, ‘blue’ or the pictures of the blender or blueberries.

Page 5: Instructions for Slap It!
Pages 6-7: Blends
Pages 8-9: Simple word beginning with blends
Pages10-11: Set 1 of pictures
Pages 12-13: Set 2 of pictures
Pages 14-15: Digraphs, words, and pictures for digraphs

Alternatively, you can use these cards to play Go Fish!

I recommend printing on card stock and/or laminating these pages for durability.

For the PH digraph, clip art is limited, so words with a medial PH sound are included.


This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.