Numbers 1-20 Math Centers


5 engaging centers for learning numbers 1-20.

Three-part matching cards (numeral, word, picture)


Print, laminate, and cut cards

Start with numbers 1-5 and have the student match all three parts. Add additional numbers as they are learned.

Extension: Have student trace the numeral card with their finger or erasable marker.

Students can also practice one-to-one correspondence with play dough balls or small manipulatives.

Memory matching game (picture/word & numeral)


Print on card stock or laminate for durability.

Place cards upside down in a rectangle.

Partner or small group:

Players take turns flipping two cards. When a player gets a match, they take the cards. Player with the most pairs wins.


Player turns two cards at a time. When player gets a match the take the cards. Play is finished when all the matches have been found.

Flash Cards (formatted for back to back without requiring back to back printing)


Print on card stock and laminate for durability

Before laminating, cut the cards apart on the dark lines. Do NOT cut the dotted line.

Fold the card on the dotted line, so that the pictures are facing out.

Laminate and trim, leaving a small edge around the card, so that the laminating does not peel apart.

"War" game (set for 1-10 and set for 11-20 reviews inequalities)


Print 3-4 copies of pages 34-36

on card stock and/or laminate for durability.

Divide in two sets: 1-10 & 11-20.

Print student directions for center.

Puzzles (numeral, word, picture, set)


2 Sets of Printables for review:

Number/word recognition, counters
Number/word recognition, place on number line (each worksheet reviews 5 numbers)

These are all great for introduction of numbers 1-20 for Pre-K, K, and 1st grade.

Hope you enjoy these with your students!


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