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This fun and engaging Slap It game will help kids learn and practice 3D Solid Shapes. This fast-paced game reinforces the knowledge students already have of shapes through representations, real life pictures, definitions and names.

Students will learn to recognize the following solid shapes:
Cube, Rectangular Prism, Triangular Prism, Sphere, Square-based Pyramid, Triangle-based Pyramid, Cylinder and Cone. (alternate names: Cuboid and Tetrahedron are included as alternates.)

This is a modified form of the old favorite "Slap Jack." The difference is that there is a center pile in addition to the player piles. The card turned over in the center pile indicates what card you are looking to slap. Once you slap the coordinating card, you turn a new card and begin to search for a new card to slap.

You can choose any format of cards to be the CENTER pile, so that kids can get review on the format that they struggle with the most. They can focus on formats that they are more familiar using.

-Do picture-to-picture correspondence by eliminating the definition and name pages.
-Use all varieties of cards for a limited amount of shapes. In this case make extra cards to create a normal sized deck.
-Use the cards to play Memory Match instead.
-Use the cards to play “Go Fish.”
-Use the cards for independent matching.

Instructions for playing 3D Solid Shapes Slap It!:

Create your deck of 8-16 cards for CENTER pile.
Use the other corresponding cards for PLAYING cards. 48-56 cards are recommended for a group of 2 players. (More copies will create a longer game.)

To play: 2-4 players
-Place the CENTER cards face down in a pile.
-Deal the PLAYING cards equally among players and place them face down in a pile in front of each player.
-Decide the first player.
-Flip over one of the CENTER cards.
-In clockwise order, players flip one card at a time. When a PLAYING card is flipped that matches the CENTER card: SLAP-IT! (matches will be in many formats)
-The first player to slap the card takes the center pile of cards that have been played and adds them to the bottom of their own pile.
-Flip over another CENTER card and continue playing, this time matching the new card that has been flipped over.
-Game is finished when time is up or one player has all the PLAYING cards.

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