Valentine Preschool Math Activities: 20+ Centers


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20+ Valentine Preschool Math Activities for your February Math Centers. Choose from sorting size, graphing, measurement, counting to 10, 2D shapes and more!


What's Included in the Valentine Preschool Math Activities Set?

  • 2 Valentine Size Order Mats and 5 Size Order Card Sets- Tallest to Shortest, Shortest to Tallest
  • Valentine Measure the Room
  • Comparing Weight Balance Scale Activity- Conversation Hearts and Heart Manipulatives
  • Valentine Sorting Mat BIG/Small
  • 3 Cover Up! Grid Games- Counting to 10, AB Patterns, 2D Shapes
  • Color-in Patterns
  • Valentine Themed Non-standard Measurement
  • 2 Valentine I Spy Graphing Activities
  • 2 Valentine Roll and Graph Activities
  • 1 Whole Class Valentine Color Roll and Graph Activity
  • 5 Spin & Graph Games
  • Spin & Trace- Numbers 1-10