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CVC Word Family Puzzles


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Life Over Cs


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CVC Word Family Puzzles


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CVC Word Family Puzzles are formatted with both color and B/W. There are 248 puzzles in color total and 248 puzzles in B/W total.

124 CVC Word Family Puzzles included in each format.

Use them all or choose just a few.

These puzzles will give you lots of options for your word work centers and activities! Set out new puzzles every week for a fresh activity, review old puzzles to build understanding and for remediation.

What’s included?

Pages 1-2: Cover and Copyright

Pages 3-34: Word Supported Puzzles (Color)

Pages 35-66: Word Supported Puzzles (Black & White)

Pages 67-98: Picture-only Puzzles (Color)

Pages 99-130: Picture-only Puzzles (Black & White)

Page 131: Clip Art Credits

Activity Details:

These CVC word family puzzles are great for fast finishers, working with words during center time. The Word Family Puzzles come in two differentiated formats.

One with the word written out with the picture for students to match the letters.

One with no word at the top for students to sound out the words.

To make the puzzles very easy, place the pieces for one puzzle in an envelope.

To increase the difficulty put multiple puzzles into one envelope, so that students will have to sort through the letters to create their CVC words.

Additional Materials Needed for the CVC Puzzles:



Laminating Pouches



This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.