Alphabet Sliders: Printables and Centers


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Students will have fun practicing their phonetical awareness skills with these fun alphabet sliders! It will also build their letter recognition between different fonts. Each slider provides 6 opportunities to practice phonetic awareness. This can also build reading skills for the sight words "is" and "for" as children read the simple picture-supported sentences.
All letters, except 'x', are beginning sounds only. The letter 'x' also includes ending sounds.
Two versions are provided for maximum versatility!
Print the alphabet sliders in color and laminate for a center. Simply laminate the whole page and then cut out the picture strip at the bottom. Cut the dotted lines on the main section and thread the pictures through, so that one picture shows on the front of the main section.

Print the alphabet sliders in black and white to use as morning work, take-home or a fast finisher activity. You can also use it as a center if you prefer. Preparation is the same (without laminating).

Or if you prefer, the students can collect the sliders as they create them and the staple them together at the top to create an interactive book.

This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.