Beginning Blends & Digraphs Sorting Mats


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Sorting mats and cards for beginning blends and digraphs that you can use in your literacy centers.

Students will sort pictures by their beginning sounds. You can select the blends and digraphs that you want them to practice.

Black and white sorting cards and mats are included.

There are 6 pictures for most letters. For digraph ph- I have included words with the digraph as a medial sound due to a lack of usable words.

Pages 4-7: Pictures for sorting blends
Pages 8-17: Blends Sorting Mats
Page 18: Pictures for sorting digraphs
Pages 19-21: Digraphs Sorting Mats

I recommend printing on card stock and/or laminating these pages for durability.

For the PH digraph, clip art is limited, so words with a medial PH sound are included.


This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.