Christmas Sorting | Pre-K/Preschool Math Centers

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WOW! 10+ Hands-on Sorting activities for your pre-k/preschool math centers. Get every child excited to learn about sorting with a wide variety of engaging activities that you can use all year long.

Included in the Christmas Preschool/Pre-k Sorting Pack

2 Color Spin & Sort Games
  • Sorting Red, Blue and Yellow
  • Sorting Purple, Green and Orange

Students spin the spinner, select a matching ornament and place on the correct color on the mat.

Shape Cookie Sort
  • Shapes included: Circle, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Rhombus, Octagon, Trapezoid, Oval
Match the shape cards to the correct Christmas cookie shape.

Beginning Sound Sort
  • Christmas Tree Letters and 2 Matching Beginning Sound Presents

Count and Sort Mats
  • Number Mats and Matching Number Cards

Use the included cards or use without the cards by having the students draw their own ways to represent the numbers. 

2 Color Sorting Mats
  • Sort Red, Blue and Yellow
  • Sort Purple, Orange and Green

Christmas Tree Color Sort
  • Match the tree decorations and presents to the Red, Yellow and Green Christmas trees

Big/Small Size Sort
  • Sorting mats and Big/Small Sorting Cards

Food/Not Food Sort
  • Learn about Christmas objects while doing a fun Food/Not Food Sort
  • Can also use the picture cards for vocabulary practice

2D Shape Sort
  • Match the Shape Cards to the correct Christmas tree


    Take a closer look at what's included in the Christmas Sorting Pack: 

    Student Instruction Pages for independent learning!

    Low-Prep Activities for easy planning



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