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Kids will love these engaging fine motor activities for LEGO Bricks. Work on fine motor skills, along with visual motor skills through following a pattern, matching colors, scanning the page and identifying differences on images. 

With 10 exciting themes, there is something for every child to enjoy. 

The best part (besides the awesomeness of LEGO!) is that every theme in this pack can be used all year long. 


What these are included in the Fine Motor LEGO Pack: All Year
Animal LEGO Fine Motor Mats
Clothing LEGO Fine Motor Mats
Food LEGO Fine Motor Mats
Monster LEGO Fine Motor Mats
Pirate LEGO Fine Motor Mats
School LEGO Fine Motor Mats
Space LEGO Fine Motor Mats
Sports LEGO Fine Motor Mats
Superhero LEGO Fine Motor Mats
Transportation LEGO Fine Motor Mats

Each themed pack includes at least 8 fine motor mats.
In addition to fine motor skills, kids will also work on beginning math and literacy skills such as:
color matching
pattern following
one-to-one correspondence

Each mat includes an opportunity to build a picture with matching colors using one-to-one correspondence, finding images with differences and identifying colors used in each picture.
Kids will love learning with the LEGO Fine Motor Mats while they work on building literacy skills, fine motor skills and have a LOT of fun! They are perfect for morning work, fine motor activities, literacy centers, rainy day activities and MORE!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review