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Rainbow Bear Mega Pack for Preschool

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Life Over Cs

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Rainbow Bear Mega Pack for Preschool

$8.25 $15.50 46% Off

Rainbow Bear Counters Math & Literacy Centers for Preschool


This rainbow counting bear preschool math and literacy centers pack is full of fun ways to use rainbow bear counters for learning. You can use the pack without rainbow counting bear manipulatives, but it makes it even more fun if you have them. Preschoolers will practice patters, colors, counting, pre-writing skills and more!


Pages 3-13: Rainbow Counting Bear Number Mats with Ten-Frame

  • Preschoolers can trace the number, use one-to-one correspondence counting the bears on the mat, and fill in the ten-frame to demonstrate the number.

Pages 14-17: Rainbow Bear Color Clip Cards

  • Work on matching skills and color recognition, along with fine motor skills as students find the matching bear on each clip card.

Pages 18-21: Rainbow Counting Bear Clip Cards

  • Work on counting numbers 1-10, number identification, and fine motor skills as students count the number of bears on each card.

Pages 22-23: Rainbow Bear Counting Cards

  • Use Rainbow Counting Bear Math Manipulatives to show the number of bears for each card.

Pages 24-28: Rainbow Bear Size Clip Cards

  • Find the largest or smallest bear on each card.

Pages 29-31: Rainbow Counting Bear Number Matching Game

  • A fun memory matching game for number recognition and counting to 10.

Pages 32-37: Rainbow Bear Alphabet Matching Game

  • Match uppercase letters and lowercase letters with this engaging alphabet matching game.

Pages 38-43: Themed Rhyme Matching Game

  • Find matches of rhyming words with this CVC rhyming word matching game.

Pages 44-46: Rainbow Bear Color Matching Game

  • Great for students who are new to memory matching games. Simply match the colored bears.

Pages 47-52: Rainbow Bear Number Line-Up Puzzles

  • Practice counting 1-5 or 1-10 with these numerical order puzzles.

Pages 53-56: Rainbow Bear Missing Number Cards

  • Find missing numbers 1-10 on these missing number cards.

Pages 57-59: Rainbow Bear Tic-Tac-Toe

  • Work on partner skills and taking turns with a fun game of tic-tac-toe.

Pages 60-68: Rainbow Bear Write & Color the Room (4 Recording Page Options)

  • Choose from tracing, writing on lines, writing in a box, or coloring as preschoolers find the colored bears hidden around the room.

Pages 69-79: Rainbow Bear Pattern Mats

  • 2 Pages each of AB, ABB, AABB, and ABC Patterns for Preschoolers to use.

Pages 80-82: Rainbow Bear Color Sorting Mats

  • Sort the colored bears on the coordinating colored mats.

Pages 83-87: Themed Line Tracing Cards

  • Laminate and use dry erase markers or crayons to trace the lines on each tracing card to build pre-writing skills. You can also use them with a salt tray and have students copy the line into the tray.

Pages 88-90: Rainbow Counting Bear I Spy Counting Mats

  • Combine a fun I Spy game with counting.

Pages 91-95: Rainbow Bear Number Matching Puzzles

  • Match numerals to arrays with these counting to 10 puzzles.

Pages 96-97: Rainbow Bear Color Matching Puzzles

  • Easy to use color matching puzzles preschoolers love!

Pages 98-99: Rainbow Bear Roll and Count Game

  • Use a die to practice counting skills. You can also use a double-die to work on addition for an extra challenge.

Pages 100-126: Rainbow Bear Color BINGO Game

  • Use with small groups or as a whole class activity.

Picture-based student instructions are included for every activity to help your preschoolers be more independent. You can easily display the student instructions with your preschool math and literacy centers.


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