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This Christmas Theme I Spy Board Game set is a huge hit with the kids!! Originally created for preschoolers and special needs students who are working on matching skills and visual discrimination and scanning, this game is loved by preschoolers, kindergarteners, early elementary students and even tweens (crazy, I know)!



This I Spy Board Game is part of the I Spy "Flip" Board Game Bundle. Buy the bundle and SAVE!!




It's a race to see who can spy their image first with this fun I Spy board game.


Students are dealt an equal number of cards which lay face down on the table. For each round, kids flip their top card over at the same time and then search the I Spy board to find the picture on their I Spy card.


The winner takes game token and the player with the most tokens at the end of the game is the winner.


Extend the play by making additional copies of the picture cards for longer game play.


The I Spy Board Game set is perfect for partner activities AND for small group activities, so you can choose what works best for your class and your students' needs.


What's included in the Christmas I Spy Board Game Set?

40 I Spy Picture Cards

10 I Spy Game Boards

40 Christmas Present Token Cards


What Makes I Spy Special?


Visual Discrimination and Scanning

  • Students will scan the I Spy board to find each image in a variety of sizes, as well as, discriminate between items that have similar colors and shapes.

Engaging and Hands-on

  • With 10 game boards to choose from, your students will never get bored.

Requires Attention and Focus

  • With the race component students have to pay close attention to game play as they try to beat their opponents to spy their picture first.


To use the Christmas I Spy "Flip" Board Games:

  • Laminate and cut apart the playing cards and token cards.
  • Deal the cards evenly among players then have each player turn their cards face down in a stack on the table.
  • For each round, each player flips over their picture card and races to find their image first on the I Spy board.
  • The winner of the round earns a token.
  • Play continues until the stacks of cards are completed. The player with the most tokens wins the game.