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This Slap-It card game will help students learn 2D Shapes in a fast-paced way. This game uses real life pictures, definitions, names, representations, and number of sizes to reinforce all the variations of 2D shapes.

This is a modified form of the old favorite "Slap Jack." The difference is that there is a center pile in addition to the player piles. The card turned over in the center pile indicates what card you are looking to slap. Once you slap the coordinating card, you turn a new card and begin to search for a new card to slap.

You can choose any format of cards to be the CENTER pile, so that kids can get review on the portion that they struggle with the most. They can focus on formats that they are more familiar using.

It is easily adaptable for Pre-K through 6th due to the inclusion of simple shapes such as: "heart" and circle, along with more complex shapes such as "scalene triangle" and "dodecagon."

You can see all of the 2D shapes included in the DEMO.

Variations of 2D Shape Slap It!: 
-Use only the most common shapes. Pages 4 and 7 and the corresponding ‘real-life’ pictures.
-Do picture-to-picture correspondence by using pages 4-6 and 20-22 (or any matching selections from those pages.)
-Use all varieties of cards for a limited amount of shapes.
-Use higher level shapes and leave out shapes such as: heart and star.

Please note: 
-I have included 2 word cards for oval/ellipse and diamond/rhombus. Use whichever word you wish.
-There are 7 triangles included. 6 specifically labeled ones and one general for lower levels.
-The definition cards assume the attributes of a regular polygon.
-"Real life" pictures are not included for all shapes. They are included based on availability.

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