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Looking for a fun and engaging small group, whole group or partner activity to teach letter recognition? This farm themed alphabet hide and seek pocket chart game is the perfect way to work on letter recognition in preschool, Pre-k, and kindergarten.

The Farm Theme Alphabet Hide & Seek Pocket Chart Cards are also included in the Alphabet Hide & Seek Pocket Chart Cards ENDLESS Bundle.

One student will hide the eggs behind the chickens and the other students will take turns guessing where the eggs are hiding.

Optional recording sheets are included for additional practice with letter recognition and letter writing skills.

What is included in the Alphabet Hide & Seek Pocket Chart Cards?
Pages 5-9: Uppercase Alphabet Pocket Cards(Color)
Pages 10-14: Lowercase Alphabet Pocket Cards(Color)
Pages 15-19: Uppercase Alphabet Pocket Cards(Black/White)
Pages 20-24: Lowercase Alphabet Pocket Cards(Black/White)
Pages 25-28: Optional Recording Pages

To Prepare: Print and laminate. Cut apart cards

How to Play the Alphabet Hide & Seek Game:
Place your chosen alphabet cards into a pocket chart facing out, so that the students can read the letters. Alternatively, you can place them on a table or floor if you do not have a pocket chart.

You may choose to put them in alphabetical order or mix them up for a challenge. If you are just beginning on letter recognition, you may want to use 3-5 alphabet cards to start and increase the number of alphabet cards as skill levels progress.

Have the students (or one student if working in pairs) close their eyes while one person hides 1-8 egg cards behind the chickens.

Students then take turns guessing which letter the egg cards are hiding behind.

Using the Optional Recording Pages:
The students cross off the letters in the box as they are guessed. Then, they write the correct guesses in the boxes at the bottom of the page.

This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.