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1-20 Back to School Number Recognition Mats | Ten-frames, Array, Tally Marks


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1-20 Back to School Number Recognition Mats | Ten-frames, Array, Tally Marks


Make number recognition engaging with our School Bus Themed printable activity! Specifically designed for teachers, our Back to School Number Recognition Mats are part of the comprehensive Number Recognition BUNDLE featuring 12 engaging themes.

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Number Recognition BUNDLE- 12 Themes


number recognition bundle


Build Numeracy Skills

These mats feature ten-frames, arrays, and tally marks, making it the perfect tool for helping young learners master counting and basic math concepts.

Designed by education experts to provide an interactive learning experience for children, helping them develop a strong foundation in math.

With these number recognition mats, your child will build confidence in their number recognition abilities and be better prepared for academic success.

In this Back to School edition, you'll find:

1️⃣  School Bus Count and Sort Mats in color
2️⃣  Matching Number Sorting Cards in color
3️⃣  Black and white School Bus Count and Sort Mats
4️⃣  Black and white Number Sorting Cards

Preparing the Back to School Number Sorting Mats is a breeze!


🖨️ Print and laminate

✂️ Cut apart the number sorting cards for interactive learning

For convenient storage, consider adding Velcro to the number cards and squares, allowing you to keep the activity neatly organized with the cards attached to the count and sort mats.


Easily Differentiate for Your Students:


💡 Use play dough to form the numbers on the mats

💡 Write the number word and/or numeral on the provided lines using a dry erase marker

💡 Create a matching game with the number cards

Encourage comprehensive understanding by finding the corresponding ten-frame, tally marks, and array for each number.

Elevate your math centers with this engaging and educational resource!




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