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Base-Ten Manipulatives Chicken Life Cycle


Get your class engaged with this hands-on base-ten activity for learning about place value for the hundreds, ten, and ones (units) places.

Two levels are included:
Ten & Ones (units)
Hundreds, Tens and & Ones (units)

This resource can be used as a whole-class activity or a center activity.

Students will draw one card from each container: hundreds, tens, and ones (or tens and ones alone, depending on the level you are teaching) and demonstrate the number with the farm-themed base-ten blocks.

For added fun, you can do this on a “sticky wall” which is simply contact paper taped to the wall with the sticky side facing out. Otherwise, you can simply do this on a table or the floor.

I have also included chicken and hen faces to create crowns while using this as a whole class activity.

See the preview for a comprehensive view of what is included. Please note: The preview does not show all of the center cards. There are 32 cards for each level of learning. (For the hundreds a set of 8 cards is included for numbers like 100, 200, 300, so that students can visualize these numbers.)

Pages 5-6: Chick and hen faces for fun crowns
Page 7: Base-ten blocks for teaching tens and ones
Page 8: Container labels for Place-value for tens and ones only
Page 9: Base-ten blocks for teaching hundreds, tens and ones
(You will need 9 copies of this page.)
Pages 10: Container labels for place-value numbers for hundreds, tens and ones
Pages 11-13: Place value numbers
(If you are teaching only tens and ones, you will not need page 12.)
Pages 14-16: Cards for use in centers or as an alternative to the place-value numbers.
(for tens & ones only)
Page 17: Recording sheet for tens & ones center
Pages18-20: Cards for use in centers or as an alternative to the place-value numbers.
(for hundreds, tens & ones)
Page21: Recording sheets for hundreds, tens & ones center.
Pages 22-23: Alternate container labels for curricula calling for hundreds, tens and units.


This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.