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Butterfly Life-Cycle Math and Literacy Printables K-1


Math and literacy printables to accompany your butterfly unit and studies. Many standards are covered making this a great addition to your butterfly unit.

Pages 4-5:Write the subtraction problem
Page 6: Graphing
Page 7: Color by Number
Pages 8-10: Counting with butterflies mini-book
Page 12: Know, Want to Know, Learn graphic organizer
Page 13: Venn Diagram for comparing butterflies and moths.
Page 14: Venn Diagram for comparing butterflies and caterpillars
Page 15: Graphic organizer to list verbs that apply to butterflies
Page 16: Graphic organizer to list adjectives that apply to butterflies
Page 17: Write a sentence about a butterfly and draw a picture.
Pages 18-20: Cut out the words and arrange them in proper sentence order.
Page 21: Word Find
Page 22: Cut and Paste Life-Cycle

The following pages can be used in a notebook to create an interactive notebook page:
Page 24 should be cut on the outer, dark lines and the lines in-between the words. Do not cut the tabs on the sides of the words. These tabs should be glued to the notebook and the word tabs should be folded to allow the students to paste the pictures from page 25 under the correct tabs.

Alternatively, you can use page 26 instead of a notebook and the students can simply glue the correct flap to the tab boxes on the side.

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This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.