Butterfly Life-Cycle Pattern Mats


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You can use these mats for students to practice their patterning skills. 3 different levels of patterns are provided: AB, AABB, ABBA, ABC. A blank mat is provided to students to create their own patterns.

You can also set this up as a file folder game by attaching the pattern mats to the insides of the folder and attaching an envelope/baggie with the sorting pictures.

You will use the pictures from the Sorting Mats. You may choose to print one set and use it for both activities or print the pages twice to allow for multiple centers to be used at the same time.

Pages 4-8: Patterning Mats
Page 9: Pictures for Creating Patterns
Pages 10-11: Assessment Printables

***This activity is included in my Butterfly Life-Cycle Cross-Curricular Bundle for K-1 at a reduced price*** Do not purchase both.


This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.