CVC Word Easter Baskets


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162 CVC words to practice

Most word families are separated for ease of use. You can chose to print the word families that you want.


Print your choice of pages 4-30 on card stock or laminate for durability. Cut out the cards and select the cards that you want for your students.

Print multiple copies of page 31-32 depending on how many words that you want students to make at the same time. I have included only the consonants that are needed to make the words in this packet to limit excess printing.


Provide the students with the baskets that you want them to work on and multiple copies of the letters.

Put the letters the students will be working with in an envelope for easy storage. (I use very small zip-top bags. )


Students will work independently or in pairs to create the CVC words shown on the baskets.

(The words and eggs are repeated in black and white on pages 33-61)


This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.