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Differentiated Life Skills Sequencing Mats


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Life Over Cs


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Differentiated Life Skills Sequencing Mats


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These Life Skills Sequencing Mats are great for kids who are working on both life skills and sequencing events. Special education students, preschoolers and kindergarteners will love these easy-to-use sequencing mats.


12 Life Skills Topics are included in the Sequencing Mats set:

Getting Ready for School

Getting Ready for Bed

Crossing the Street

Making Jelly Toast

Making Lunch

Washing Hands

Lunch Time

Breakfast Time

Setting the Table

Washing Dishes

Making a Burger

Sending a Letter


Each topic is available in two differentiated formats.

Format 1: 4 sequencing events with all events moveable.

Format 2: 4 sequencing events with 2 events pre-set for students to use as a guide.


What’s included in the Differentiated Life Skills Sequencing Mats set?

Pages 3-14: Blank Sequencing Mats

Pages 15-18: Sequencing Cards

Pages 19-30: Partially Filled Sequencing Mats

Pages 31-32: Sequencing Cards for Partially Filled Mats


To use the Life Skills Sequencing Mats:

•Laminate and cut apart the sequencing cards.

•Use hook and loop dots to attach the sequencing cards to the gray squares at the bottom of the mats.

•Students will place the sequencing cards in the correct order on the mat.

•Extend the activity by asking the child to tell a story about the sequence using time order words such as: first, then, and last.