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Fine Motor Skills with Pattern Blocks!

St. Patrick's Day Themed Fine Motor Mats with Pattern Blocks


Developing fine motor skills is important for preschool and Kindergarten children. Fine motor skills help children learn to control the hand, fingers and thumb. Activities that help children work on fine motor skills allow them to develop the skills that they need not only to hold a crayon and write with a pencil, but to navigate life.


What is Included in this Packet?

The St. Patrick's Day Fine Motor Pattern Block Mats packet works on matching colors, 2D shape identification, pre-writing skills and visual discrimination. By grabbing and placing the pattern blocks, students work to build strength in the index finger and thumb.


Educational Component:

Each mat includes an opportunity to build a picture with matching colors using one-to-one correspondence, selecting images that are different, and identifying 2D shapes.


Kids will love learning with the St. Patrick's Day Fine Motor Pattern Block Mats while they work on building literacy skills, fine motor skills and have a LOT of fun! They are perfect for morning work, fine motor activities, literacy centers, rainy day activities and MORE!