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Frog Number Lines: Adding and Subtracting within 20


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Frog Number Lines: Adding and Subtracting within 20


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This life-size frog number line is intended to help students actualize number lines in their minds. They will get practice with number order, counting forward, counting backward, more than/less than terminology, missing addends, missing subtrahends, skip counting and more.

The frogs that are provided can be used to create a life-size number line on a floor or wall. Students will choose a card and demonstrate the problem on the card by hopping "frog-style" up and down the number line.

Two versions of the frogs numbered 0-20 are included.
One in full color and the second in black & white. I printed the black & white ones on green paper and laminated them and they look great!

I have also included a page of “frog heads” that can be attached to strips of paper to make a headband.

Get hopping with this Frog number line for numbers to 20. Practice addition and subtraction with a fun kinesthetic approach!

I recommend printing the cards on card stock and/or laminating for durability.

Frog Gross-Motor Number Lines

Four types of cards are included:
Introductory: “Start at 2. Hop forward 3.”
Level two: “3 More than 6.”
Level three: 4+5= (in vertical format)
Level four: “Start at 5. How many hops to 8?” (missing addends and subtrahends)

Get hopping with these Frog number lines for numbers to 20. Practice addition and subtraction with a fun kinesthetic approach!

These four levels are further divided for ease of printing. Addition and subtraction within 10/Addition & Subtraction within 20 (not included in the within 10 sets.)

Additional ideas: 
-Start at 2 and hop on even numbers.
-Start a 1 and hop on odd numbers.
-Give two students problems demonstrating the communicative property and have them jump at the same time. (ex.: 4+5 and 5+4)

Additional Suggestion:
To go along with the number line I covered a shoe box with blue tissue paper to make a “pond” and put all the cards that we were using inside. Then the kids closed their eyes and drew a card out of the pond and followed the instructions.

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This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Diana G.
Moving While Learning

The life sized posters are perfect to get my kids moving and learning.

Tiffany K.
Takes Time to Set Up

Only downside... it's a lot of work to get it all set-up and printed and cut out and laminated (if you're planning to do that). However, it is a very cute and playful way to practice math facts with the kiddos.

Made it a Permanent Part of the Class

Students enjoyed using these cute kid-friendly cards with my frogs on a log counters. Made it a permanent busy box center!

Lisa J.
Great for Lower Grades

Fun little number line frog activity to be used with lower grades.

lauren M.
Kindergartners Loved Jumping

My kinders loved jumping like a frog on the number line.