Frog Number Lines: Adding and Subtracting within 20


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This life-size frog number line is intended to help students actualize number lines in their minds. They will get practice with number order, counting forward, counting backward, more than/less than terminology, missing addends, missing subtrahends, skip counting and more.

The frogs that are provided can be used to create a life-size number line on a floor or wall. Students will choose a card and demonstrate the problem on the card by hopping "frog-style" up and down the number line.

Two versions of the frogs numbered 0-20 are included.
One in full color and the second in black & white. I printed the black & white ones on green paper and laminated them and they look great!

I have also included a page of “frog heads” that can be attached to strips of paper to make a headband.

Get hopping with this Frog number line for numbers to 20. Practice addition and subtraction with a fun kinesthetic approach!

I recommend printing the cards on card stock and/or laminating for durability.

Frog Gross-Motor Number Lines

Four types of cards are included:
Introductory: “Start at 2. Hop forward 3.”
Level two: “3 More than 6.”
Level three: 4+5= (in vertical format)
Level four: “Start at 5. How many hops to 8?” (missing addends and subtrahends)

Get hopping with these Frog number lines for numbers to 20. Practice addition and subtraction with a fun kinesthetic approach!

These four levels are further divided for ease of printing. Addition and subtraction within 10/Addition & Subtraction within 20 (not included in the within 10 sets.)

Additional ideas: 
-Start at 2 and hop on even numbers.
-Start a 1 and hop on odd numbers.
-Give two students problems demonstrating the communicative property and have them jump at the same time. (ex.: 4+5 and 5+4)

Additional Suggestion:
To go along with the number line I covered a shoe box with blue tissue paper to make a “pond” and put all the cards that we were using inside. Then the kids closed their eyes and drew a card out of the pond and followed the instructions.

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