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This GROWING Google Slides and Seesaw Bundle is a great way to engage your students, both during distance learning AND when you are back in the classroom!! These digital activities will never go out of style!

This is a GROWING bundle which means that as I create more Free Google Slides and Seesaw Activities, they will be added to the bundle and you can download them at no additional charge.

PLEASE NOTE: This a a convenience bundle of all of my FREE Google Slides and Seesaw activities. All of these activities can be downloaded individually on

This is a quick download which means that you will receive instant access to a folder containing ALL of the activities, rather than downloading them one by one after entering your e-mail address. 

Take a look at what is currently included:
  • 10 Sight Words Activities!!!
  • Find the Uppercase Letter
  • Beginning Sounds Cover Up
  • CVC A Word Building
  • CVC E Word Building
  • CVC I Word Building
  • CVC O Word Building
  • CVC U Word Building
  • CVCe A Word Building
  • CVCe I Word Building
  • CVCe O Word Building
  • CVCe U Word Building
  • Counting Ducks on a Pond 1-10
  • Ten Frames 1-10
  • Ten Frames 11-20
  • Addition to 10 Build a Problem: Birds
  • Addition to 10 Cover Up!
  • Subtraction within 10 Build a Problem: Strawberries
  • Subtraction within 10 Cover Up!
  • Butterfly Life Cycle
  • Frog Life Cycle
  • Living/Non-Living Spring Science
  • What Does Not Belong? Spring Theme
  • 2D Shapes Real Life Matching
  • 3D Shapes Real Life Matching
  • Comparing Numbers 1-10 Clouds
  • Circle Fractions Matching
  • Missing Numbers
  • Tally Marks
  • Patterns
  • Graphing
  • Even and Odd
And More!!

This resource uses the online platforms Google Slides and Seesaw

When you purchase this bundle, you will receive a PDF with a link to a Google Drive Folder containing all the activities. Please open the PDF and click on the contained link to connect to the folder to receive all of the activities.

As a bundle of my FREE Google Slides and Seesaw activities, only activities that are shared for free on for those two platforms will be added to this bundle. Future paid products for Google Slides and Seesaw will NOT be included. This bundle is intended as a convenient way to download all of the free resources.

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet Write a review