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Interactive Math Notebook: Numbers 11-20


This exciting interactive math notebook is a great way to review numbers 11-20 with your students. It provides many examples of formats to show numbers. Hands, dice, base ten blocks, pictures (array), tally marks, addition problems, number lines and MORE!

Each math notebook page is created with one-half page of pre-added information, such as tracing number words, drawing a picture to demonstrate understanding and tracing numerals to increase familiarity. Each page also includes the statement: I can demonstrate the number (…) in many ways. And this notebook does just that!

In addition to the pre-added information, students will assemble an addition problem, number line, and fan-book for each number.

The interactive math mini-book is completed with a back cover that gives students another opportunity to demonstrate their ability to recognize multiple number formats by matching numerals to the matching pictures.

Lots of opportunities for students to demonstrate their understanding of multiple number formats for numbers 11-20.

Materials needed for the Interactive Math Notebook: Numbers 11-20



Glue Stick



Also, you can choose to combine these all into one half-sheet sized book that is all stapled together or you can glue the main portion of the letter pages into a journal. Both options work very well.

When your students are first learning to do these pages, you will want to demonstrate a few times. Often, an accordion-fold is new to kindergarteners. They will likely need your help until they are more familiar with the technique.

Each number comes on its own full sheet of paper with one half of the page being the main portion of the book and the other half of the page containing the two glue-in pieces of paper.

After cutting out all of the pieces (again, kindergarteners will probably need your help), start by making the “letter book”. Fold both the uppercase letter and the lower case letter backward to form the book. The portion with the triangle that says “back” will be the portion that you glue onto the matching triangle on the main page.

Then, create the accordion-fold of the picture strip. Your first fold will be up, so that the strip can be glued into the book.

This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.