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Numbers 0-5 | Pre-K/Preschool Math Centers


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Numbers 0-5 | Pre-K/Preschool Math Centers


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WOW! 30+ Hands-on Numbers 0-5 activities for your pre-k/preschool math centers. Get every child excited to learn about numbers with a wide variety of engaging activities.


**Please Note: Because the Numbers 0-5 skill pack is part of the Year Long Pre-K Math Bundle, all numbers to 10 are not included.

While the end goal of preschool is to be counting to 10, younger preschoolers may not be ready for an activity that includes all 10 numbers, so the 1-5 pack is an excellent introduction to counting. The activities in the 1-5 pack are much simpler and have fewer 'questions' to account for the much shorter attention span as well. It is also great for special needs kids who need a slower path.

All activities are provided in both color and black/white, so that you can enjoy this pack no matter what your printing abilities are.

Included in the Numbers 0-5 Activity Pack:

3 Versions of Numbers 0-5 Clip Cards

Painter Counting Cards

Monkey & Banana Counting Cards

3 Cover Up! Grid Games

Numbers 0-5 Matching Games

Numbers 0-5 Play Dough Mats

3 Counting Mats for 0-5

Number Board Game

I Have… Who Has?

Counting Link-Up

3 Versions of Number Puzzles

2 Versions of Spin & Cover

2 Versions of Sensory Find & Count

6 Number Line-Up Puzzles

4 Build a Tower Mats

Make, Count and Write

Roll and Show

LEGO Cards

Tracing Cards

This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.