Numbers 1-20 Counting Activities BUNDLE

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Awesome set of 12 themed counting activity sets. Each set has 6 Colorful counting activities for numbers 1-20 with a fun theme. Make your math centers fun with these easy prep activities (Color and Black and White options included.)

Grab your favorite mini erasers, glass gems, or pom poms for counting from 1-20. (The clip cards include a “0”)

Work on ten-frames, number recognition, number sight words, one to one correspondence and more.

**EVERY activity is included in black and white for easy printing if you do not have access to a color printer.

Themes included:



Bees & Beehives




Play Dough


Silly Monsters





Included in Each Numbers 1-20 Counting Activity Pack:

Pages 4-24:        Number Mats with guided ten-frames (Color)

Pages 25-45:      Number Mats with blank ten-frames (Color)

Pages 46-56:      Independent Counting Mats (Color)

Pages 57-65:      Ten-Frame Counting Cards (Color)

Pages 66-70:      Ten-Frame Clip Cards (Color)

Pages 71-72:      Roll, Write, Show Mat (Color)

Pages 73-93:      Number Mats with guided ten-frames (Black/White)

Pages 94-114:    Number Mats with blank ten-frames (Black/White)

Pages 115-125:   Independent Counting Mats (Black/White)

Pages 126-134:  Ten-Frame Counting Cards (Black/White)

Pages 135-139:  Ten-Frame Clip Cards (Black/White)

Pages 140-141:  Tree Roll, Write, Show Mat (Black/White)

Some tips:

-To save on laminating, use a write and wipe pocket for the play dough number mats and Roll, Write and Show mat.

-Use dry erase markers or crayons to write the number words at the bottom of sets on the play dough number mats.

This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.