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Ocean Interactive Math Mega Pack Pre-K


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Life Over Cs


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Ocean Interactive Math Mega Pack Pre-K


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Ocean-themed play dough/sensory bin activity set to enjoy with your students. This unique 3-D set-up is guaranteed to catch your students’ attention! Along with the ocean scene for play dough/sensory bin there are many skills that your students can practice such as patterns, sorting, writing numbers to 10, matching, shortest/tallest, counting to 10, counting to 5, tracing, building fine-motor skills and much more!

Students will get opportunities to work on fine-motor skills while creating ocean scenes with play dough or in a sensory bin, using clothespins, drawing and writing.

QR code-enabled conversation & inquiry-based task cards are included. When scanned, the QR codes will read the task cards for the students allowing for independent exploration.

Some questions have a definitive answer such as “Which jellyfish is the tallest?” and some have more open-ended explorations, such as “Which starfish is different?”


Pages 5-12: Ocean scenery pieces and instructions

Pages 13-19: QR code conversation task cards to use with the ocean scenery

Pages 20-24: Clothespin cards for matching ocean animals

Pages 25-29: Clothespin cards for counting to 10 (pages 26-27 counting to 5)

Pages 30-36: Clothespin cards for finding tallest/shortest ocean animals

Pages 37-42: Puzzles for matching pictures to numbers

Pages 33-45: Tic-Tac-Toe with ocean animals

Pages 46-50: Puzzles for counting to 10

Pages 51-55: Puzzles for counting to 5

Pages 56-60: Match It! game

Pages 61-68: Count the room posters and printables (2 options: Count 1-5 and Count1-10)

Pages 69-74: Ocean animal sorting mats

Pages 75-89: Ocean animal pattern mats

Pages 90-94 Tracing cards

Pages 95-99: Fish counters for counting to 10

I highly recommend printing on card stock and/or laminating most pieces for durability. The ocean scenery will not be as useful if it is not laminated.

Detailed instructions for assembling the 3-D coral reef and ship are included.



This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.