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Do you love holiday and seasonal themes? This Holiday and Seasonal themes Pre-k, preschool math and literacy bundle is just right for you! With fun themes, you will have over 250 math and literacy centers to use throughout the entire year!
Each Holiday and Seasonal pack will include 35+ centers and activities for your pre-k and preschool kids to enjoy.
Plus, it makes differentiation a breeze since everyone can be on the same theme, but on a skill level that is just perfect for them!
**Please note: This is a GROWING bundle. Which means that it is not complete yet. You can see the schedule for units to be added below. It also means that you can purchase at a HUGE discount. When this bundle is complete it will be worth over $140.
Currently included in the Preschool/Pre-K Holiday and Seasonal Bundle:
Easter Themed Preschool/Pre-K Math and Literacy Centers
Summer Themed Preschool/Pre-k Math and Literacy Centers
Rainbow Bear Themed Preschool/Pre-K Math and Literacy Centers
Apple Theme Preschool/Pre-K Math and Literacy Centers

Examples of Activities Included in the Preschool/Pre-K Math and Literacy Centers:

Clip Cards- Colors, Ten-Frames and Arrays, Shapes
Class Set of BINGO Games (Ten-Frames, Community Helpers, Numbers)
Sets of Counting Cards
Graphing Dice Games with inserts for differentiated learning cubes
Spinner Graphing Games
Line Tracing Cards for fine-motor practice
Line-Up Puzzles for Counting to 5 & 10
Matching Games- Pictures, numbers, rhymes, and alphabet
Missing Number Cards up to 10
Play Dough Number Mats- Empty ten-frame, Filled ten-frame
3 Levels of AB Patterns- Continue the pattern, copy the pattern, build your own pattern
Counting to 10 Puzzles- Array, Ten-frame
Roll and Count Pages
Spin & Cover Games- 1-5, 6-10, shape, colors, and picture matching
Ten-Frame Counting Cards
Tracing Cards for Writing Trays (uppercase, lowercase, number, shape)
Visual Discernment Clip Cards-Largest, smallest, matching, doesn't match
Clothing Sorts
"What doesn't belong?"
Trace, Write & Draw the Room
Sorting Mats (Shapes, Numbers, Colors, etc.)
Play Dough Pretend Play
Play Dough Fine Motor Mats


Skills covered in this Preschool/Pre-k math and literacy bundle:

Literacy skills:

  • Alphabet Uppercase/Lowercase Recognition
  • Beginning Sound Identification
  • Rhyming
  • Pre-writing Skills


Math Skills:

  • Counting to 3
  • Counting to 5
  • Counting to 10
  • Ten-frames, Arrays
  • Number Identification
  • Writing Numbers
  • Matching
  • Color Identification
  • 2D Shapes
  • Sorting


Critical Thinking Skills:

  • What Does Not Belong?


Fine Motor Skills



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